Central Control Irrigation Services and Management

With tightening restrictions on our water resources along with the greater size of today’s planned communities, new technologies are being introduced in landscape irrigation and water management. Four Peaks Landscape Management, Inc. has responded with a service division focused on providing the skills and equipment necessary to properly manage the more complex central control systems, such as the Rainbird Maxicom˛ Central Control System, and Rainmaster Eagle. With proper operation, these systems can:

  • Reduce you water usage by up to 30% over conventional controllers
  • Minimize watering windows
  • Provide detailed reports of system operations
  • Our certified staff can create a management plan to accomplish the designed intent of each system.
  • Four Peaks Central Control Irrigation Services are broken down into two major categories:
    • Installation and/or Setup of the components and programs, including construction observation and consulting.
    • System Management/Monitoring
  • Please contact us today to arrange for a site visit and/or presentation
Central Control Irrigation