Landscape Management Services

Maintaining the landscape for an entire community or commercial property might seem like an overwhelming task. However, Four Peaks Landscape Management, Inc. has brought together some of the most highly qualified people in the landscape industry. We have years of experience and over 200 employees that specialize in maintaining large landscapes of varying complexity. To ensure that we are providing the best services, all of our employees are trained in the latest horticultural practices and must adhere to a rigid safety program.

Our managers and crews are very organized, and follow schedules designed around your community’s landscape needs. Our goal is to ensure that your neighborhood is maintained to impeccable standards, that plants and turf are healthy and well cared for, and that communication remains open and constant. No one landscape is the same, and each presents its own set of challenges.

At Four Peaks Landscape Management, Inc. we are experienced, well prepared and ready for the challenge. We want to work with you to make sure your landscape can reach its full potential. We offer a wide variety of landscape management services, each tailored to fit the needs of your individual community.

  • Our Pruning Style
    We utilize horticultural practices, focusing on the general well being of the plants. All plants are pruned as needed, and allowed to grow in their natural shape. This maximizes blooming periods, and is safer for the plants. The result is a more colorful, natural-looking landscape.
  • Water management services
  • Tree trimming
  • Turf Management
  • Granite Management
  • Landscape rejuvenation
  • Plant & Bed Management
  • Soil testing
  • Budget services
  • Planning and Valuation
Landscape Management