Water & Irrigation Management

With tightening restrictions on our water resources along with the size of today’s planned communities and homeowner associations, new technologies are being introduced in landscape irrigation and water management. Four Peaks has responded with a service division focused on providing the skills and equipment necessary to properly manage the more complex central control systems, smart controllers, irrigation pumps and chemical injection systems.

Central Control Irrigation System Management
Rainbird Maxicom2, Tucor, Rain Master Eagle, Toro Sentinel,Calsense, etc.

Smart Controller Management
Weather Trak, Et Water, etc.

Moisture Sensor Systems
Acclima, Ugmo, etc.

Irrigation System Evaluations
Hardware review with recommendations to increase efficiency

Irrigation Audits
Zone flow/precipitation rates for weather based scheduling

Water Use Analysis

Water Budgeting and Reporting

Irrigation Pump System Optimization

Chemical Injection System Management
pH, Fertigation and soil amendment

Weather-Based Water Management for Stand-Alone Systems

Irrigation System Mapping and Inventory